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Bandwidth Pricing


CompleteWeb offers distinct and clear methods of billing for bandwidth. We utilize 95th percentile of peak average usage over a 30 day period of time. This method is the most fair way for providers and end-users to negotiate billing. We only bill on highest of outbound or inbound traffic, NOT combining of incoming and outgoing like many providers.

We provide all customers with access to their server bandwidth statistics that are easily accessible from a browser. These charts are updated once every 5 minutes to produce an almost "real-time" overview of your current billing status. The bandwidth numbers are obtained via simple SNMP polling methods directly from our Ethernet switches.

The pricing below is for our blended bandwidth solutions containing direct GigE and OCx level connectivity with many providers in our Network Operations Center, such as Level3, Time Warner. AT&T, WV Fiber, XO, and many others.

Raw Bandwidth Scale: [*]
Raw bandwidth pricing applies to any colocated, or dedicated server customers that experience heavy traffic loads continually. It does not include server colocation fees or management services.

  • minimum 5mbps $100.00/month
  • 10mbps $40.00/mbps
  • 20mbps+ $30.00/mbps

Burstable Bandwidth Scale:
Burstable bandwidth pricing is not available as it is an inaccurate and unfair method of billing to both the end user and ourselves. But you are burstable up to your connection limit.

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