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The CompleteWeb Network:

Unfortunately, not any one backbone provider can provide total, clean coverage to the entire Internet both domestic and Internationally. It requires a careful selection of backbone providers to ensure full coverage, robust, high quality, low latency redundant connectivity to the Internet. The utilization of several backbone providers networks is referred to "Multihoming". ALL bandwidth here at CompleteWeb is multihomed - Meaning we do NOT rely solely on one backbone provider for our facility connectivity.

CompleteWeb, due to its volume purchasing, has leveraged many GigE and OCx level Fiber connections to the entire Internet through many different physical paths out of our facility. It is not unusual for any one backbone provider to have problems somewhere in their network from time to time. Due to the multiple Tier-1 backbone providers blended into our network, the effects of any one backbone having problems are never seen to you or your customers.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Many providers advertise the usage of BGP4 routing as a benefit.. when in fact, BGP4 routing protocol alone is extremely inefficient. To ensure high quality connectivity to each Tier-1 backbone in our facility, we utilize cutting edge technologies such as RouteScience adaptive networking software (ANS) by RouteScience. The RouteScience software is able to see things that BGP4 can't - such as packet loss and true end user performance monitoring to EACH Tier1 provider that we have. The RouteScience software is constantly monitoring EACH backbone through our facility and routing your customers thru the provider that offers them the fastest, most efficient route.

The CompleteWeb Facilities/Network Operations Center:  
Equipment Area:
  • All poured concrete building
  • Heavy load freight elevators
  • Loading dock access to the space
  • Multiple 20 ton AC units comprised of DataAire and Liebert brands. Humidity maintained to 45%.

  • 4800amps 3phase @ 208vac
  • Diesel Generator backup - 100% - 1000 gallon capacity
  • Generator has Auto Start and Auto Transfer
  • UPS system
  • 48vdc available

Security and Access
  • Access to equipment area 24/7 via card key
  • Non-secured personnel may enter equipment area by escort only
  • Locking cabinets and/or cages
  • Full CCTV surveillance

Fire Suppression Systems
  • Integrated smoke/heat detector system

    Space Options
    • Caged space within facility
    • Open space for racks and/or cabinets
    • Separated space available

    "Meet-Me" Services
    • Pre-run conduit to each cage customer
    • Overhead cable trays are provided for connectivity

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