Our little server/workstation/gaming/video encoding computer!

A handy carrying case for your shuttle!

Very compact size, 7" high, 8" wide, 11.5" deep

Clean front panel, All the fron I/O ports you need, headset too!

Back panel I/O ports

Under the cover

1 available AGP slot for you gamers, 1 PCI slot just behind it
You can see the second of the Western Digital 120GB 8MB drives (RAID-1 Mirror)
sandwiched between the upper drive assembly and the memory,
still need to create a good mounting bracket for it.

The drive assembly removed, CDR/W, 1 of 2 WesternDigital 120GB-8MB, and floppy

The cpu heatsink and cooler exposed, below the drive assembly

Heatsink and back panel cooler, fan removed for show only!

Wider shot of the inside area, Promise FastTrak100 RAID-1 in PCI slot